Server Management for your Business

Enjoy the Business Benefits of Cloud based Business Solutions with no Technical Risks

Server Management for your Business

Enjoy the Business Benefits of Cloud based Business Solutions with no Technical Risks

Secure your data in-house with your own On Premise or Cloud Server & Free Opensource Software for multiple Business Functions

On Premise

Hi are you missing out on the benefits of Technology due to data security concerns? In 2022 if you need to have an edge in Business, you need to Tech enable your Business.

It is also green to do so as several paper based tasks could be made available electronically. Also your process would be more systematic with work flow support of various business functions such as marketing, sales, delivery, hr, admin, etc.

However sometimes the nature of the business needs that the data be secure & protected due to sensitivity hence leading to non-usage of  erps, crms or other cloud services.

A great solution in this case to “keep the tech edge” while “keeping your data secure” is an “in-house hosted sever” or what we call the “On Premise Server for Small Businesses” where you have COMPLETE CONTROL on the hardware and the software.

Cloud Server

Simply said Cloud hosting enables small companies to setup their web infrastructure like the enterprise organizations at very pocket friendly prices while enjoying the reliability, scalability and portability of enterprise solutions.

Cloud computing has made it easier to run a small or medium scale business.

Since most organizations would not be able to handle the technical expertise and the infrastructure which is required to maintain a Cloud server, Cloud hosting is a boon to all such Companies.

Most businesses prefer the cloud hosting platform as it works on the pay-per-use model and ensures affordability with multiple cloud server providers.

You have complete control and access of the cloud infrastructure

We at provide you with both On Premise & Cloud Server Management which you can use to run multiple top quality open source software solutions that you can install and use for your office & team for various business functions with virtually no limits.

We provide complete technical & functional support for your business to manage & function with the On Premise or Cloud Server, you can consider as your technology department.

How will an On Premise or Cloud Server benefit your Business?

Secure your Data & Content with an On Premise or Cloud Server and Technology enable your Business for a single location or multiple locations:


Compelete Data Security & Control

Your data, content, pictures, internal communication, chat messages, internal and staff email and other data stays on your premises on your own servers in your control.

Flexibility with no limits

You can choose you hardware, software, platforms, business functions and team functions. You have no software, bandwidth or size limits but infrastructures.

Business Empowerment

Power your Business with the technology edge of open source software for business functions such as sales, marketing, delivery, crm, erp, hrm, document management,…..its a long list.

Tech enable Business processes

Tech enable business processes such as Order Processing, Invoicing, Document Management, File Management, Project Management, Internal Communications, Group Intranet, etc.

Single or Multi Location & Domains

You can provide access to your staff internally for a single location or on the internet for multiple locations. You can also host single or multiple domains.

Cost Effective Solution

Use the power of open source technology for your Business, the cost of implementation of open source software is far lesser than proprietary Software.

Tech enable your Business & get the Business edge you need!

We take care of all the Tech Stuff, Indeed we function like your Technology Department.

Is it possible for you to run an in-house Self Hosted – On Premise Server or a Cloud Hosted – Cloud Server and use it to manage and improve productivity and profitability of your Business? Yes it is! and we are going to show you how to do this easily.

We at have over 20 Years of experience in Software technologies, we are so fascinated about online technologies that we have built several online platforms to perform and deliver your business goals and functions online or in-house on your own premises. You can also make the On Premise Server available on the Web and host your own WordPress website or Online Store with total control of it in-house.

We help you setup launch and run your business in-house with the Computer hardware at your premises, we’ll provide you all the necessary support & guidance to use the Software.

Indeed we function as your Technology Department. Whenever you need any tech or functional support,you can call us, and we will guide you. 

Pioneer in On Premise & Cloud Server Management

Save Time, Money and launch your Business Online quickly with a powerful On Premise Server for your Office premises!

We provide you everything you need to tech enable your business in-house:


On Premise or Cloud Server Solution

On Premise or Cloud Server Solution for your small Businesses with complete setup, installation, configuration and commissioning. We setup a linux or windows based server for your business with multiple software systems.

Server Security & Business Continuity

Securing your server and setting multiple levels of security and firewalls to keep you data safe. Setting-up of daily backups so you data is always secure for business continuity.

Business needs & Software Solutions

We help you identify the best open source software as per your Business needs and setup the same on your On Premise Server.

Server & Software Maintenance

We regularly provide updates & patches to the server & software components installed to keep them running smoothly & securely.

Team Training

We also provide your team with a One-on-One Web based Instructor led training to use the systems 

Tech Help & Support

Need help or Support Contact us by Email,Whats app or Phone

What Business Softwares can you run on the On Premise Server?

Get access to over 450 top quality, opensource, well maintained and supported software systems and scripts for your Business powered by Softaculous!

Blogs / Portals / CMS


Easily launch a business website with a powerful business functions for online sales, marketing or delivery of your products or services.


Launch complex functional websites with Joomla for your Business.


Building dynamic web sites with a multiple features and services for your Business

Open Real Estate

Launch a fully powered real estate agency website for your real estate business. Add unlimited projects & generate enquiries.


Xoops is an easy to use dynamic web content management system that you can use to create websites.


Concrete5 makes running a website easy with no intimidating manuals or administration – simply point & click

e-Commerce - Online Sales & Marketing


Use PrestaShop to launch your online store and manage your product online business.

Abante Cart

Abante Cart is eCommerce business solution for merchants to create an online business and sell products online.


osCommerce is an online shop & e-commerce solution that helps you setup an online store quickly with ease.


OpenCart is an online shopping cart system that will help you create an online store and sell products online.


Magento is an ecommerce platform that helps you setup a flexible shopping cart system, with complete control over content and functionality.

Simple Invoices

Simple Invoices allows you to tech enable and streamline the invoicing process for your business online.


Mautic is an advanced marketing automation platform which helps you build your prospect and client database and market using multiple channels email, sms, whatsapp and push.


CubeCart is an ecommerce solution to quickly setup a powerful online store to sell digital or tangible products to customers globally.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is an e-commerce shopping cart software that you can use to build your online store.



Sell, market & service your products and services with SuiteCRM a powerful Open Source CRM.


Vtiger is a powerful CRM ideal for small and medium businesses, for your offline and online marketing, sales and service functions.


X2CRM is a CRM, Workflow, and Marketing Automation solution that you can use to market, sell, service and automate your business online.


Zurmo is an CRM application that is designed and built to be used on mobiles, with social media integration, and gamification.


OrangeHRM is a HRM solution for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with an easy to use HRM system for any company across the globe.


webERP is an ERP system which can be used for a multi-user and multi-location business with complete administration and org wide business functions.

Customer Support

Vision HelpDesk

Vision Helpdesk is a software that collects all customer support requests from various channels like contact form’s, Email, Phone, Chat, Facebook, Twitter and manages them in a centrally.


osTicket is a support ticket system and integrates inquiries created via email and web-based forms into an easy to use multi-user web interface for helpdesk agents and customers.


Hesk is a Help Desk Software that helps you to setup a web based ticket support system for your business website.

Live Helper Chat

Setup Live Support chat on your website for clients with Co-Browsing, XMPP notifications, Telegram, Facebook messenger, Twilio & Chrome extension

Mibew Messenger

Mibew Messenger is a live support application that enables one-on-one chat assistance in real-time from your website.

Help Center Live

Help Center Live is a live chat & support system that will help you provide live support on your website.



Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) that educators can use to create effective online learning sites to create and sell courses online or on their intranet.


eFront is a modern learning management system built with enterprise functionality ranging from creating complex multi media based courses to skill-gap analysis and branch management to tailor-made reports.


Chamilo is a complete e-learning system that will help you get your teachers and trainers up and teaching quickly and efficiently.


Claroline is an  eLearning and eWorking platform that allows teachers to build online courses and to manage learning and collaborative activities.


TCExam is a Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) and Computer-Based Testing (CBT) or e-exam system that enables educators and trainers to author, schedule, deliver, report, grade and certify with quizzes, tests and exams.


DoceboLMS is an e-Learning platform used in corporate, government and education markets and is easy to use to create content of lessons using multi media such as Powerpoint, Word, PDF, film clips, etc.

Project Management / Collaboration / Surveys / Polls


qdPM is a project management tool suitable for a small teams working on multiple projects. You can easily manage Projects, Tasks and People, and interact with Customers using the Ticket System which is integrated with Tasks.

Feng Office

Feng Office is a Project Management & Collaboration system that helps you to manage your projects, tasks, business services, collaborate with your team, customers, and organize and share documents and files.


Collabtive is project management solution intended for small to medium-sized businesses and freelancers. Collabtive is like a cloud based groupware to manage your projects and artifacts.


LimeSurvey is an online survey application that enables users without coding knowledge to create, publish and collect responses to surveys.


Matomo is an analytics platform that gives you more than just powerful analytics. Matomo is an alternative to Google Analytics.


LittlePoll is a very simple polling  application that can Ask questions to your visitors and it is especially optimized & very easy to set-up.

Ad Management & Social Networking


Yclas is a classifieds application that can help create a classifieds site in a few minutes with a marketplace, job board, real estate, car dealer or anything you would like to create!


Use OSClass to create your own classifieds website and build yoour own advertisement or listings site for your own business or niche.

Revive Adserver

Revive Adserver enables publishers, ad networks and advertisers to serve ads on websites, in apps, and in video players, and collect statistics about the impressions, clicks and conversions.


pH7CMS is a Social Dating Web App Builder & Leader #1 as a “Dating Websites Provider”


Dolphin is a scalable, customizable, full-featured, free software for building social networks, dating sites and web-communities.


Oxwall can be used for a range of projects from family web sites and custom social networks to collaboration tools and enterprise community solutions.

File Management / Image Gallery / Videos


ownCloud helps you run a personal cloud which runs on your own server. ownCloud allows you to access your data across the intranet or the internet.


ProjectSend is self-hosted application that allows you to upload files and assign them to specific clients that you create yourself!  Secure, internal and easy to use. No dependencies on external services or e-mail to send files!


Nextcloud is a file sync and share software for everyone from individuals operating in the privacy of their own home, to large enterprises and service providers for a safe, secure, and compliant file synchronization & sharing solution on servers that you control.


kPlaylist is an application for streaming your audio files as mp3, wma, ogg and others on the web.With kPlaylist you can stream your music, upload & create playlists, share, search, download and do a lot more.

PodCast Generator

Podcast Generator allows you to upload media files (audio & video) using a web form along with episode information and automatically create podcast with a w3c-compliant feed & iTunes specific tags.


ClipBucket is allows to start your own Video Sharing(Youtube like) website in matter of minutes, ClipBucket is a leading video sharing websites and social networking freatures.

And Many More...These are the top few listed here!

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