About Us


Infinity Online Solutions is a strong Engineering Company, Our goal is to help businesses grow with technology, learning support and the power and reach of the Web.

About Us

Infinity Online Solutions is a strong Engineering Company, Our goal is to help businesses grow with technology, learning support and the power and reach of the Web.

Infinity Online Solutions is a strong Engineering Company, Our goal is to help businesses grow with technology, learning support and the power and reach of the Web.

We believe our strength is in bringing to gather customer business requirements and strong engineering platforms to create business solutions that meet customer expectations at optimal costs.

We do Managed Web Hosting, We build e-commerce & marketing business platforms and plugins, We develop SAAS frameworks and solutions, We help with Cloud Adoption and Managed Cloud Services.

Our Consulting Solutions are Targeted at Small Organizations and we empower Small Businesses with:

  • SAAS Frameworks and Solution Deployments
  • Cloud Adoption
  • Cloud and on-premise Server Hosting
  • VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting

Our Web based Solutions are targeted at the masses, store owners, teachers, professionals and consultants, and nearly everyone under the Sun. We believe the 5 key aspects vital for any Business or Profession are:

  • Brand Value
  • Sales Channels
  • Marketing Reach
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Customer Experience

This is what we call the Five Pillar Online Business Success model defined and developed by our team. These 5 parameters impact your Business.

All our systems and solutions help you build on these 5 critical aspects of your Business, with includes:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Online Store Builders
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Marketing Automation Websites

We do Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting solutions are built for your Business as a complete one-stop-solution with hosting, software solutions & helpdesk support.Our Managed WordPress hosting typically includes everything from the hosting, initial setup and launch of your site to troubleshooting, updates & tech support.

We provide online software solutions

We build your Business Online with e-commerce, marketing & Sales integrated.Our Online Business Software Solutions cater to the following key aspects of your Business:Brand Value,Sales Channels,Marketing Reach,Operational Efficiency,Customer Experience

We provide Marketing Solutions

Have a Website but have no Inquiries or Sales, don’t worry you are not alone. The Marketing process Online can be quite daunting for Small businesses with limited resources.We help you setup the complete Marketing process for your Business.

Vision & Mission


Our dream is to maximize the use of online technologies to enhance the well being of  any business owner, individual or home maker by helping them to start or grow businesses online:

  • To bring enterprise software business functions to every small and individual based businesses enabling them to significantly grow  and improve their business sales, market reach, operational efficiency, customer experience and revenue.
  • To bring various online opportunities to home makers to start a online business with “single – end-to-end” solutions for branding, sales, marketing, operations and customer management.


  • The mission of Infinity Online Solutions (IOS) is to provide its customers with engineered web based platforms which can be used to start a new business, take an offline business online or grow an existing businesses with an engineered web presence.
  • IOS will make a healthy profit for its customers, associates & owners and provide a rewarding work environment for its employees.

Our Culture

Passion about work:

We are extremely passionate! And we only take up work that makes us passionate enough to make it a success!

Take ownership, be accountable:

We own our work and then, your dreams become our responsibility! We are accountable to complete each project within the agreed scope, costs, schedule and quality parameters.

Personal and professional growth:

We appreciate the efforts and hard work that our resources and management team take to give out best results. We arrange some activities to make them relax and enrich with best tips at the same time.

Track and update to change:

We are always alert and updated. No new trend and technology get skipped from our eye for a constant change!

Constant learning:

We are on a constant learning process as well.


We intend & dedicate our company’s efforts to expand the horizon of opportunities for the businesses that have not explored online medium and has a limited access to the web.


Client Focused

We only have faith in the word ‘Quality’ when it comes to our dedication towards Client’s business. Also, we trust in having a Long Term Partnership with our customers because business understanding grows with time and it helps us serve them even better.

At Infinity online, we help your enterprise to take a giant step by setting up Web Business Portal. Our clients range from Organizations, traders, sellers to consultants. We sketch out strategically perfect web solutions at every stage of our client’s business, be it an established company or a startup firm. We act as a link or path that elevates client’s business and lets it prosper all over the World Wide Web. With our Business Management Tools, clients can optimize the whole process while we work on enhancing sales and increasing brand value.


People Focused

We trust Teamwork.

For us, our employees are our priority. And thus, we value their efforts and opinions as well. Yes, freedom of expression helps a person to act wise and that is why we follow this golden rule. Transparency of policies to employees is another major rule that we practice to develop a bond of trust and faith.

This has led us to build a warm, dedicated and passionate work environment. We have inculcated a norm which says that each one is equally important and capable of making decisions whenever required. And this confidence is the reason behind successful projects that we have handled.

  • Extensive Onsite Offshore IT Services Experience
    • Infinity Online Solution has been working for managing Offshore IT Services since several years now.
    • We act as an extension of our clients Software Development or IT team.
    • We provide customized services based on your team size and requirements
    • Established processes and systems for providing services to clients.


  • Extensive Onsite Offshore IT Services Experience
    • Innovation –
      We craft a unique experience for each of our clients. With an expertise in the field, we are well-versed in constructing an innovative presence for businesses.
    • Engineering –
      We only recruit software engineers and quality analysts with a strong engineering academic background.There is a continuous up gradation of our engineering and technical skills
    • Management –
      We are very well known for having a track record of sticking to deadlines and delivering milestones and deliverables on or before the stipulated deadlines.
      Our management team keeps a track record of each and every parameter associated with the project.
    • Quality –
      We are a process driven company and have well defined and established process framework which includes processes for:
      • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
      • Project Management Lifecycle (PMLC)
      • Process Management Lifecycle (POLC)
      • Quality Assurance Lifecycle (QALC)

      We strictly define and maintain the process framework at the organizational level. Our team sincerely follows all the policies.

      We conduct audits and reviews of each project and implement the learnings in modifying it as well as for new projects.

    • Transparency –
      We strive to keep a clear visibility of project status and activities to the client.We use project management tools with access provided to the client so that they clearly see the status of the project and tasks
    • Teamwork –
      Our team is our greatest asset and we are proud of each team member of our organization. We conduct a few activity which promotes creativity and innovation.
    • Leadership –
      Our focus is on creating leaders of tomorrow.We identify perfect skills in our human resource who have a potential to become project leaders, managers, technical leaders or architects.We provide all the members with required training and assistance.
    • Experience –
      We ensure that we have all the engineers well trained and well skilled in the areas including, planning, monitoring and control, risk and issue management, quality management, configuration management, and necessary project management practices.
  • Strong Project Management Team
    • Taking over projects from client resources on-site.
    • Crafting a complete setup with effective project environment and communication mechanism off-shore & on-site.
    • Building project teams on-site & off-shore and setting-up off-shore development centers.
    • Providing training resources off-shore so as to get more accurate results with smart work guidance.
    • We prefer to be clear in terms of project or engagement scope, success criteria, deliverables, timelines, cost and quality guidelines to provide development, maintenance, support or quality assurance services.
    • Macro and Micro planning of project or engagement, and effective risk and issue management to achieve project success criteria.
    • Keeping a track record of stand-up meetings, status meetings with client and internally, tracking project plans and taking corrective actions as and when necessary, time tracking and status reporting as per client needs.
    • Effective project documentation
    • We believe in being interactive. It helps us to get early feedback from the customers to identify risks and fix problems early in the lifecycle.
  • Ethical, Best Practices & Pro-Active Approach –
    • We have established processes based on seasoned process frameworks:
    • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
    • Software Maintenance Lifecycle (SMLC)
    • Software Quality Assurance Lifecycle (SQALC)
    • Software Support Lifecycle (SSLC)
    • We have built passionate and process driven teams including project managers, leaders, developers and quality analysts.
    • Our team cleverly analyses proactive Risk and Issue Management to identify problems and bugs early in the lifecycle.
    • We believe in learning and improving constantly.

Core Team

Santosh Ramachandran

Santosh Ramachandran

Director & CEO

Santosh Ramachandran is the Founder and CEO of Infinity Online Solutions and its brand MarketingPages.Co where he helps Businesses to tech enable their Business with Online and in-house Solutions.

Shraddha Santosh

Shraddha Santosh

Director & Marketing Head

Shraddha is a founder of IOS and leads the Marketing and Branding functions, with deep insights into marketing strategies and concepts, brand conceptualization and creation


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