Easily launch your Single Tenant Application as a Cloud based SAAS Solution on your existing Development Stack.

Save significant Development Efforts, Time, Money and Develop a Rock Solid and Stable Software As A Service (SAAS) Solution with ready to launch Commercially Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Components.
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A Optimal Framework to Launch your own SAAS solution.

If you are a Software Application Owner or Manager or Developer then you would agree that, the demands of today’s companies and technology are now better served by cloud-based SAAS systems than by internal IT systems and on-premises solutions.

The Problem

Businesses want to spend less money on managing IT infrastructure, while increasing their responsiveness and agility through outsourced SAAS Solutions. On-premises application development, deployment, and maintenance consume funds, resources, and technical know-how that small companies have in limited supply.

The Opportunity

When it comes to SAAS, for the end-user and end-user company, there is no infrastructure investment needed for a employing a SaaS service. Maintenance and updates are performed by the software vendor; hence the end-user company’s IT resources are more efficiently used for business operations. This makes SAAS a WIN-WIN option for small end user companies and small software application development companies.

The Challenge

However the costs or developing a SAAS application from scratch or to move your current application on LAMP or LEMP or other Stacks to a Development Stack such as Ruby on Rails which supports multi-tenant application development out of the box, could be a daunting and really expensive task.

The Solution

Kubernetes managed services refer to offerings provided by cloud service providers or specialized companies that manage and operate Kubernetes clusters on behalf of their customers. Kubernetes is a powerful open-source container orchestration platform, but managing and maintaining it can be complex and resource-intensive. Kubernetes managed services aim to simplify the deployment, management, and maintenance of Kubernetes clusters, allowing organizations to focus on their applications and business goals.

  • Transform its single-tenant web application into a multi-tenant SAAS service in the cloud.
  • Easily launch LAMP, LEMP, Ruby on Rails or other stack based applications for your clients on the Cloud.
  • Host multiple clients for your software on a single or multi-node kubernetes cluster.
  • Build Kubernetes on hosting technologies such as vps, vds, dedicated server or on cloud servers such as aws, google cloud.

Launch your Single Tenant Application as a Cloud based
Multi-Tenant – Software As A Service (SAAS) solution

We at Infinity Online Solutions (IOS) have over 25+ years of experience in Software technologies. We have built our own SAAS approach based on Kubernetes, Rancher, Multiple Kubernetes Engines, Helm and some custom packages to launch our own brands. We did this as we had multiple brands to launch and doing this with an external party was too expensive.

So, we put together this methodology initially with a combination of hosting based software that enabled us to launch any SAAS brand with a frontend, plans and subscriptions, billing and provisioning, and complete automation of this whole system on a optimal budget.

However the hosting based system needed complex understanding, due to which non-technical users were not able to use this system, to further simplify this process IOS relied on Kubernetes, Rancher, Multiple Kubernetes Engines, Helm and some custom packages to create a seamless SAAS development, deployment, and maintenance Architecture and Approach.

The Kubernetes SAAS approach enables software development teams and IT organizations to launch and deliver robust, reliable and scalable SaaS applications that cater to a diverse range of clients, all while streamlining operations and boosting growth.

A brief idea of how your SAAS solution would be implemented using Kubernetes and Rancher!

Our unique approach allows you to work on features of your Software, while we provide you with support for the development, maintenance, and support of the SAAS functions on Kubernetes, which would essentially include:

  • Kubernetes & Rancher Strategy and Approach
  • Costing and Budgeting of the Kubernetes Services
  • Server Side Technology / Operating Systems
  • Cpanels to Multi Tenant Server at OS and user Level
  • DNS Management to Map domains to Virtual Hosts & Specific Server folders.
  • Provide user wise application development stack for your Application Deployment.
  • User Registration and Subscription Management as per Application Plans
  • Support for Packaging or Packaging of your Application for this environment
  • Application Deployment on user Registration and Payment
  • Application Credentials and Links emails to the Registered user
  • There after the registered user can access your application @ user-n.yoursaaswebsite.com

We provide you with a framework for performing all the multi-tenancy, billing, provisioning and deployment functions, while you continue to develop and manage your core application.

Save Significant Development Cost

This approach enables to slash down your multi-tenant application development costs drastically by as much as 40 – 60% of actually developing a saas based multi tenant application with integrated billing from scratch.

Setup a Rock Solid and Stable Environment

Apart from the cost saving Kubernetes is also a very stable environment built for Cloud by Google and now supported by several technical giants including SUSE, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, RedHat, IBM, Docker. SAAS applications built on a Kubernetes platform enjoy the benefits of reliability, scalability and sustainability.

Save Significant Time and Launch Quickly

Last but not the least, this approach provides you with significant time savings, if your application is ready for the market, then you can launch your application, that can be on a LAMP, LEMP, Ruby on Rails, Apache Kafka, or one of the many stacks available as helm charts, as a SAAS Solutions with this methodology and approach in a fraction of cost that you would spend to re-write your whole application as a Multi-Tenant Application using an appropriate Multi-Tenant Development Methodology.

We setup this complete SAAS Multi Tenancy framework for you,

while you continue to develop and maintain your Software Application!

Why Infinity Online Solutions ?


Kubernetes Consulting

Infinity Online Solutions (IOS) team will deploy your Single Tenant Application into a Cloud based SAAS solution, with a complete framework and methodology to deploy your single-tenant software as a multi-tenant implementation.

Kubernetes SAAS Approach

We study your Software, the Development Stack used, and recommend and implement you the best Architecture with multiple mature and highly reputed Software for your SAAS solution including Frontend, Pricing and Plans, Billing and Provisioning, Security and Performance, and complete automation of this system in a efficient & cost effective time and budget

Kubernetes based Architecture

Infinity Online Solutions (IOS) provides you with a unique, optimal software architecture framework which enables us to deploy your software as a multi-tenant service, while you continue to maintain your software’s features and functions.

Kubernetes Development

Infinity Online Solutions (IOS) develops the SAAS solutions for your Software based on it Technology Stack and sets’up the Frontend, Billing and Provisioning systems, Security and Performance, and complete automation of this system, while you continue to develop, manage, and maintain your Software Application.

Kubernetes SAAS Timeframe

Our SAAS solution framework is powered by reputed and mature Software components combined with our unique approach enables you to implement your SAAS solution on your current development stack.

Kubernetes Support and Maintenance

We provide you with complete end-to-end services to design, develop, deploy, and maintain your SAAS infrastructure, We function as an extention of your Technology or Software Department and provide you with support by phone, email and helpdesk.

SAASify your Business & get the Business edge you need!

We take care of all the Multi-Tenancy Stuff, While you continue to develop and maintain your Application.


Is it possible to transform your Single Tenant application into a SAAS solution or develop a SAAS on a budget and within a limited timeframe? And use it to improve the productivity and profitability of your SAAS business? Yes, it is! and we are going to show you how to do this easily.

Our unique approach to SAAS based on the Multi Tenancy model provided by the Hosting industry Model, allows us to provide you with a user-wise development stack for your application deployment on your Multi Tenant Server.

You can sell a user subscription to a user and deploy your application for the user and send the user her/his access credentials automatically with this system.

The great benefit of this approach is that we provide you with development, maintenance and support for the SAAS functions, while you continue to work on your Core Application.


Pioneer into budget SAAS Solutions

We implement a cloud-based multi-tenant SAAS framework for your Single Tenant Application and integrate your application into this framework. You gain access to the key software we and thousands of businesses use every day to run our hosting and SAAS businesses.
Save time and money and launch your SAAS business online quickly with a powerful SAAS framework powered by the top Hosting and Provisioning Systems Online!

We provide you with everything you need to transform your Single Tenant Application into a cloud-based SAAS offering.


Quick Start Budget Kubernetes Solution

Our unique approach to SAAS allows you to launch your Single Tenant Application into a cloud-based SAAS Service Offering on your current development stack.

Kubernetes Server Security & Business Continuity

Securing your SAAS server and setting multiple levels of security and firewalls to keep your data safe. Setting-up of daily backups so your data is always secure for business continuity.

Powered by cutting-edge Kubernetes Solutions

We use the best and only globally trusted software like Kubernetes, Rancher, RKE2, K3s, Harvester, AKS,EKS, DOKS, or LKE in our SAAS framework. We will help you build your SAAS solutions with the same software we use to run our own SAAS solutions.

Kubernetes Server & Software Maintenance

We completely manage your SAAS servers with regular updates and patches to the SAAS servers and software components installed to keep them running smoothly and securely.

Team Training

We also provide your team with one-on-one web-based instructor-led training to use the systems.

Tech Help & Support

Need help or support? Contact us by Email, WhatsApp, or Phone.


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